DNS Leak Mullvad (Full Settings)


I’m struggling with some DNS Leaks on Wireguard and wondering if anyone can help?

I have Mullvad Wireguard Client set up on my GL.iNet router. I also have the below settings (see images)

My trouble is that I’m seeing the following DNS Leaks on the Mullvad Check (see images)

On my Roku I am trying to use an app and it’s not working, saying the location is wrong. However, I know that the selected server works if I use the video’s app on my iPad and the iOS Mullvad App, meaning there is some DNS Leaking if only using the router wireguard option.

Is there any advice you can give me in order to try and resolve this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Can you test the video’s app on your iPad when it is connected through the GL.iNet router’s Mullvad VPN, not the iOS Mullvad VPN?

Also, if you open the iPad browser and go to https://whatismyipaddress.com/ and https://www.whatismyip.com/ when connected through the GL.iNet router’s Mullvad VPN, do you get the Mullvad server’s IP and location, not your ISP’s IP and location?

I usually do not have to explicitly specify the DNS and it automatically uses the VPN provider’s DNS. Note that the 172.70.xxx.yyy IPs are Cloudflare.

What are the custom DNS server and

You can check if Mullvad config has DNS inside. If yes you do not need to set up custom DNS servers.

The 194 and 192 IPs belong to Mullvad.

You should also be aware that your Roku device is locked to the same region as your Roku account. This is not subsequently bypassed by connecting the Roku device to VPN.

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I’m having the same issue, using Mullvad with AdGuard on on the Flint and dns is leaking, geo unblocking not working…


Could be you VPN policy is causing a issue for some reason perhaps change it to do not use VPN for following devices. Check in LuCi Network ----> DHCP and DNS Advanced Settings Tab and Uncheck Strict Order
I call it some Ghost DNS that is leftover in the resolvfil

You should not use agaurd home and vpn at the same time. They have their own way of dealing with dns.

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You can totally us adguard home and a VPN. Adguard home is basically a Firewall for DNS. Adguard Home uses any DNS server you want (quad9 is set by default)

First box is you current DNS set up

The problem is that he want to use the DNS from vpn service provider when vpn is provided. If this is not the case, it is OK to use Adguard and vpn at the same time.

? Sorry Not following what your response was
Problem: DNS leaking and want to use DNS servers that are maintained by Mallvad.

Solution: Change the Adguard home default DNS servers (quad9) to the Mallvad DNS servers using the steps pictured above. Explore the whole Adguard DNS settings. It might be the bootstrap DNS servers(at the bottom of the Adguard home DNS page, if I remember correctly they use google which are extremely reliable but log every thing) generally speaking if the first DNS servers are down or slow it will use these as the last resort.I have mine set to Claudflare DNS who supposedly don’t keep logs. Could also be how they are queried (load-balancing, parrallel request or fastest IP address)

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