DNS Leak on Flint 2 Router Startup

Having recently bought a Flint 2 running GL iNet firmware 4.5.8, I have setup a VPN client using WireGuard. One of my test scenario’s is to run an IP/DNS leak test when you reboot the router/on start up, unfortunately my ISP details were leaked during this test. I have checked the block all VPN traffic, unfortunately this doesnt stop the issue on startup, however does a good job when flicking between VPNs.

Has anyone else come across this problem? Or can advise on how to fully achieve no DNS leaks using Flint devices?

Any help would be appreciated.

We haven’t reproduced the issue so far. Could you please share what configurations you’ve made?

I sent you our test via a video clip by email and verified the ISP still showing the VPN provider before and after reboot. Please give us your configuration after you come back from your trip.

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