DNS leaking

Im useing Flint 2 (GL-MT6000) v.4.5.6.

Flint 2 running both WG server and WG client, and VPN Cascading is enabled, but i get DNS leaks.

Adguard home:ON
VPN Policy Based on the Client Device : 4 local devices.

Laptop–> (Flint WG Server(Cascading ) -->WG Client) → Mullvad → Internet.
DNS leaks.

Laptop–> (Flint WG Client) → Mullvad → Internet.
No DNS leak.

How did you test for DNS leaks?

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Both https://www.dnsleaktest.com/results.html and https://mullvad.net/sv/check

And what exactly is the result?
Which DNS server do they tell you?

-Connect to Flint 2 wireguard server: - Cloudflare - Osaka, Japan.

Using Mullvad VPN
Leaking DNS servers
No WebRTC leaks

-Connect to Flint 2 by lan cable on router: - 31173 Services AB - Gothenburg, Sweden

Using Mullvad VPN
No DNS leaks
No WebRTC leaks

Laptop gets DNS leaks and useing Wireguard on win 11.
PC dont gets any leaks.
Hope this helps explain a bit.