DNS Leaks on 4.4.6 (understanding override)

I just installed 4.4.6 on a FLINT router and am getting DNS leaks even though I am attempting to override each machine’s DNS settings.

I believe I have set up everything correctly, attempting to make all DNS go through the VPN (see attached images). At this point in time, I have no VPN policies set up – all traffic is (in theory) going through the VPN.

However, I’m still getting DNS leaks on systems where the DNS server on a particular system does not point to the router (I am unable to change it on a few devices). I’ve tested this on my desktop system as well as smart TV. When I enter the router as the DNS server address, things work. But when I enter another DNS server (like Cloudflare), the DNS request is shown to be leaking.

Am I incorrect in thinking that if I have override turned on that all devices on the VPN shouldn’t have the DNS leak? Or am I misunderstanding this functionality?


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Can you give details to show how does it leak?

For example, what is your vpn service provider? Can you show the screenshots of leaks?

Please note, if one device is using encrypted DNS, the router cannot override it. For example, if your windows use as DNS, it will be automatically encrypted. So the DNS will be Google anyway.

But it does not mean it is leaking because the data goes to your vpn and the Google dns server will be the server same as your vpn server, not your local server.