DNS Login to my home network wireguard

I did set up wire guard on my modem and GL AX as travel router All coonect just fine only issue
when testing from outside using ipleak or browserleaks i do see My house ip and my ISP on top of the result then under DNS Addresses - 36 servers detected, 300 tests and all shows different ip with google as ISP. it does not leak the IP where i am connected from. is this OK or did i missed something on setup.

But when connected directly to my home router all shows ISP Provider
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Any suggestion please

It won’t do this in any real case. It‘s not really about leaking your IP but your ISP. So I guess you choose Google DNS in your router.

my router DDWRT does not have google dns, looks like when i use my isp provider dns in the portal router interface and checking ipleak test all shows my isp provider like when i am working from home using my router, the question is it correct set up or should i keep it as google dns to hide my ISP, and what happen if i am in different country.

Hi, could you please share a picture displaying the ISP?

Thank you for your quick reply:

i am using ddwrt as wireguard vpn in my house router then glinet ax 1800 as travel router, below is my set up in glinet AX and in screen shot when i check while connected to glinet vpn ipleak.net from miles away from my house, on top will show my actual ip then DNS address found are google “DNS Addresses - 9 servers detected, 300 tests”. is this mean dns is leaking? when i change DNS from google to Comcast i get all comcast dns .

Then when i run another test using VPN Leak Test - Is Your Private IP Public? | EXPERTE.com i get this message.

" DNS Leak Test
Possible DNS Leak
At least one of your DNS providers does not match the provider of your IP address ( Comcast Cable Communications ). If you are currently connected to a VPN and one of the servers is your local DNS server or a public DNS server (e.g. from Google), there may be a DNS leak."

DDWRT wireguard Tunnel

Address =
ListenPort = 51820
PrivateKey = keyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

AX 1800 Travel router
AllowedIPs =,
Endpoint = NOIP com DNS:51820
PersistentKeepalive = 25
PublicKey = keyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In the wireguard vpn the dns is set up as Google DNS.
In your image all the dns server is Google DNS from Florida. So it does not seem leaking.

This DNS google is in the travel router. if i change it to cloudflare or 75.75.75 comcast it will write that dns on the test page. ipleak or test DNS
Is this set up correctly i don’t have any leaks correct? i will be traveling to another country in few weeks, so i should not worry about any leak? and i should have the same result Right? or is there anything to check again.
One more question if i set up DNS as MY ISP DNS comcast provider is it better to hide my ip? or just use google?
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Any suggestion from GL.iNet Staff team?
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Dns does not hide your IP. Dns looking for server when you trying reach to open any websites.
Remind your isp dns can track or logs when you trying to visit any websites.
If you want to hide your IP then buy vpn
I recomend to use Adguard dns server