DNS not set on 4g Tehtering / Huawei 3372 Stick


i have a ar750s which works lovely except for the 4G tethering to the Huawei 3372 stick. The stick is one of the huawei branded ones meaning it will present itself as a network connection and the 750 will show it as tethering / connect to eth1. Works all flawlessly so thats fine - however:

It will not set the DNS for the client. Initially it seemed that there is no internet connectivity but it was just a matter of the DNS. I can ping anything etc and resolving works fine too once i manually force a custom DNS in the glinet interface. This is a workaround but is annoying of course as i have to switch it back to dhcp DNS anytime i want to use the wifi repeater function again to gain access to the captive portals which are not working with the custom dns set of course.

Any way to fix this?

If you set up custom DNS which is not encrypted, you don’t need to turn it off if you connect to captive portal.

Have you changed the subnet of the router or Huawei? Both use by default.