DNS over HTTPS on GL-AR750

Hi guys,

I have a question concerning DoH on the GL-AR750 (Creta, latest version: v4.3.11). In the Admin Panel under Network → DNS → Mode: Encrypted DNS, Encryption Type, I have only two options, namely DoT and DNSCrypt Proxy, but this document says, that there should also be the options DoH and Oblivious DoH. Besides “Encryption Type”, there is a small yellow triangle with a “!” in it and after hovering over it with the mouse, it says “The router uses the v1 version of DNS. Only some encrypted DNS Servers are supported.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything concerning this warning on the internet, so I tried to get the DoH functionality via the Luci interface. I used this document from OpenWRT to get DoH.

After installing the two packages and rebooting the router, the options in the Admin panel did not change and the two DoH described above are still not available.

Can anyone help me with this?

Or is this router not intended to get DoH?

Thank you very much for your help!


Something wrong with your router! Can you upgrade to latest firmware without keeping previous settings?

You should get these types of encrypted dns:

Always post images to help understand.

I set up the router yesterday with the uboot using the official manual from gl.inet. I downloaded the latest firmware from here. Version 4.3.11 is the latest firmware I can get. In the Admin Panel under System → Upgrade no further update is displayed.

Here is a picture:

@alzhao or @SpitzAX3000 do you have any idea what could be the problem?

I see. The firmware 4.3.11 is using the v1 version of dnscript and does not support Oblivious etc.

Only firmware 4.5.x and later support that.

Ok. Do you know, whether the GL-AR750 will get version 4.5.x and later or not?

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