DNSCrypt vs DOH vs DOT on GL-1800AX (Via Adguard Home)

Curious what is recommended for easy and stable setup for a more secure DNS on GL-1800AX?

Interested in DNSCrypt, but not sure how hard it is to setup.

I've also found guides on youtube about doing your own DNS resolving with phsense and Quad9, but not sure if that's something easily implemented with the stock GL.inet interface/management.

Any direction appreciated.

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I haven't used DNSCrypt, but I've set up Quad9 DoH (just by clicking in the UI, no special work required) on a couple GLi devices and used them for months with no problem.

Oh cool - where at in the menu? In ADguard Home?

I'm actually using just Network > DNS, although I've heard that one can also get encrypted DNS by using AdGuard. So, it would seem there's more than one way to do it!

Thanks, glinoob.

I'm also a glinoob that knows only enough to be dangerous when it comes to networks and comm stuff.

I guess my post should add "via Adguard Home" to be more specific. Doing that now :slight_smile:

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