Dnsmasq not working after OpenVPN Client Setup

Hi there,

Quickly wanted to point out that I am stunned by the product you created! The GL-MT3000 which is currently my travel companion is absolutly amazing in functionality, ease of use and performance!

Only thing I was unable to achive is having the possibility use the dnsmasq from the GL-MT3000 and being able to route some devices thru the ovpn tunnel. As soon as I install the ovpn client conf. dnsmasq no longer works and when I for example open nslookup on windows it says default server: unkown since it can not even resolve itself anymore. but i am very sure thats only a missing config parameter on my side. might you be able to point that out to me?

thanks for your help

edit:// i found out that as soon as i change the proxy mode in the vpn dashboard to for example auto detect or global policy - dnsmasq will start to work again. when i change it to the mode i need: “Base on the Client Device” dnsmasq stops working again.

In “Base on the Client Device” mode, this happens to devices not using VPN.
This is because DNS server retrieved by repeater/cable interface is not accessible via VPN.
4.5 firmware has addressed this issue. you can have a try.