Do any commercial VPN services support Wireguard?

I’d like to try Wireguard when traveling, for the improved performance over OpenVPN, but would like to skip the hassle of setting up my own server (not even sure it’s readily available for my home hardware). So the easiest solution would be to subscribe to a commercial VPN provider that supports Wireguard. Are there any that support it yet?

I set up my own server for wireguard, connected to AR150, with official openwrt.
Works like a charm.
I use wg mostly to watch home TV from abroad.



Thanks alzhao! I’ll look into those. They are European sites, so they don’t even have prices listed for US dollars (I’m from the US), but at least it is good to know a few services are available. Hopefully some of the other providers will start adding this support as well.

how/where did you end up? Do you have Wireguard up and running? At which download speed? Which provider? How did you set up your GL-Inet router?
Thanks in advance!

Any chance of detailing your set-up?

Which model do you use? WireGuard is easy to set up on UI3.0.

Is UI 3.0 avail? I would like to try even if still in testing.

I recently received the new AR-750S and am testing it out on a short trip right now in a hotel. It’s working quite well.

I signed up for Mullvad and used the GL-iNet 3.0 software. First I tried pasting the configuration information into the config tab but that didn’t work (known issue apparently, to be fixed in the next version). So then I tried manual entry. The VPN connected successfully but for some reason I couldn’t get any DNS requests to resolve (not sure why). Finally I realized there is also an “Others” tab which automatically creates connections for those two known providers. That worked well, creating a connection for every server (perhaps overkill, but at least they are all there if needed).

Once I got that working (and got past the captive portal of the hotel), I was able to connect with very good speeds. I’ll give my numbers, even though they aren’t very scientific (basically just running once or twice in each environment)…

Hotel connection: 13 Mbps
Mullvad Wireguard (US Los Angeles): 11 Mbps
VPN Unlimited OpenVPN (US San Francisco): 6 Mbps

I did a similar test at home:

Home connection: ~80 Mbps
Mullvad Wireguard: 50 Mbps
VPN Unlimited OpenVPN: 10 Mbps

Results will vary, but Wireguard is clearly performing much better than OpenVPN, and not that much worse than the original connection without VPN. Very happy with those numbers!

I’m seeing similar home speed ratio to tsaylor… wireguard is definitely worth it.

Use algo (which creates a wireguard vpn) to setup you’re own private vpn server in the cloud. I used it with google cloud platform and it was super easy.

I also setup an algo server on a raspberry pi, works pretty well.

You already got your GL-AR750? I didn’t know they were already shipping.

Just use the official docs for wireguard
for setup/installation. On AR150+openwrt I am not using the uci-stuff, but a direct copy
from official linux setup.

I am using ubuntu 16.04 LTS for the server, private leased root server on the web, which also is used for my email etc.

Thanks. For me, a commercial VPN is a lot easier to manage. But algo is interesting, and provides some other benefits.

One of these days I should try setting up Wireguard on my Ubiquiti router.

But yest, I got one of the early preorders for the AR750S so I’ve had it a few weeks now. So far I think it’s very nice! It is working well for my needs, and has stable and fast WISP due to the dual radios (I’m using 2.4GHz to connect to a hotel WiFi and 5GHz to connect to my devices).

Hi there. As other posters have said, Mullvad have easy to follow wireguard instructions, for Linux. I use 16.04 and it set up easily (and I am not very competent).
There is also a wireguard app on f-droid for your mobile phone. It is even easier to set up and is fast and seems to work OK.

For what it’s worth, I purchased a Droplet on Digital Ocean. I installed Openvpn-Acess Server and WireGuard server on the same box.
Finally stayed at a holiday inn with decent speeds.
17—19Mbps openvpn.
140+Mbps wireguard.
225+ no VPN.

Hardware GL-B1300

I won’t ever pay for a commercial service when I can do it myself.

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Yup. Apart from giving you full control, and letting you have the latest version possible, you will also avoid mass blocks of the service, since your ip will be pretty anonymous, unless some VPN service is on the same server farm as your little virtual box.

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How much is your droplet, and what are your (approximate) bandwidth costs per month? I have 35 Mbit/sec (which usually overprovisions to 40Mbit) upload from Comcast, which is good for my Plex but there’s times I don’t want to use my own WG connection, but still have a VPN in place.

@kennethrc I pay 5 bucks a month for the cheapest option.
You can use my link and get 100$ credit from Digital Ocean (anyone can).
IMHO a crazy good deal. I’ve had this droplet running since June of last year and haven’t even spent that much.

My bandwidth is low, mainly because i’m only putting load on the droplet when i’m out of town. So maybe 1~2 weeks a month. I used about 80+ GB last week.

check out this screenshot from my dashboard for clarity.

I’ve yet to go over my monthly limit. YMMV

Anyone interested can check out these links for setting up Wireguard on Digital ocean

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Whoa! Thanks!

My expected usage patterns will likely be like yours, so this works out perfectly.

… soooo, now walk me thru this; what will I use to set up the WG server? This site appears to be for people developing apps or services and such.