Do wifi6 capable routers suopport OWE?

One of the more important additions to the wifi standart was OWE (opportunistic wireless encryption) which makes previously unsafe public networks safer. I was wondering if GL.iNet routers like Beryl AX/Slate AX support this feature because I could not determine this from the dashboard.


It is in LuCi under the Network Tab click wireless then edit for the wireless network scroll to bottom where interface configuration is and click wireless tab. Not sure if it will break anything in the GL.iNet GUI or work correctly. Not a lot of info about it in OpenWRT either. Have youself a good time. Make sure you make a backup of configurations

I found the menu for wireless security but I didn’t see an OWE option on my Beryl AX (updated to 4.5.5).

That’s my bad :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I checked it on a GL-AX1800 and assumed it would be in the GL-MT3000. It might be part of a package

I guess not all versions and wifi-chips support that. AX1800 is Qualcomm IPQ6000 and MT3000 is MediaTek MT7981. Possibly the MediaTek driver do not support it, while the Qualcomm’s do?