Do you manufacture FLAT devices any more?

By flat, I mean like the older 6416 which you now seem to have discontinued sadly.

I used those because I could put a label on each unit. The curved units don’t stack well and stickers, labels all end up with crumpled ends.

Why are you making them curved anyhow? Any chance you’ll go back to flat surface again?

For the mini router, the curved case has been more than 2 years now.

Flat case? check this one

I am aware that the new routers are curved which is why I am asking since we are now having a hard time finding the older units which had flat cases.

Flat is much more useful than curved for many reasons when using multiples of these. Labels affix better, stacking units works etc.

The GL-AR750 is not an option at twice the price as most of your other devices.

I see. I will bear this in mind and find out if there is any opportunity to make a flash case again.

It’s litterally 45 bucks not expensive at all

A wall or shelf mounting plastic rack that a number of the standard mini router cases could clip into would be very useful for IoT developments :wink:

Say four at a time and a four port USB power supply for the set.

Each one clipping in on end with the ethernet ports facing forward and the USB data port facing upwards.

Perfect :slight_smile:

Anyone got a 3D printer?

Not if you only need one or a few but it very much adds up when you need large numbers.

The problem with the curve is that we cannot affix labels that look professional for the company that we prepare these things for. They end up curling on the ends and I’ve been told to change hardware and find a flat surfaced one again. I’ve resisted, so far.

We put our product labels on top of the existing GLi labels on the bottom and they stick well.

For individual site related labels we use a standard tape type of label machine and they also stick on the curved top very well so perhaps is is down to getting the correct type of adhesive on the labels…

Perhaps. I’m certainly open to suggestions. However, it seems you are talking about a label.

In our case, it is a sticker which covers most of the surface area and are colored. We put them on the top because we don’t want to hide the factory info.

We usually just order them from a pro printing shop.

I totally agree with projects - flat cases have substantial advantages over cases with a curved top. And so I would also be very happy, if something like the AR150 could be produced with a flat case. I am very happy to see that the AR750 which I use for dual band applications, has a flat case again.

Not a label, a large sticker, something that almost completely covers the top. It is not possible but as you say, a label can work but is useless in our case. The rounded cover means the sticker never fits well.