Do you plan on getting rid of usb micro-b? :D

I hate that port. It always breaks.

It’s the reason I havent bought a Mango to add to my collection (Opal and Slate AX).

Hi - maybe not the perfect answer, but following some similar forum comments I’ve reinforced the port on my AR300M16 with a dab of 2-part epoxy (Araldite) each side of the port to fix it firmly to the PCB. Seems pretty solid now. Still means I have to pack a micro-USB lead and would prefer USB-C, but overall worthwhile for such a neat little device.

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The reason why Mango (or Shadow) has micro USB is because are old routers.

Mango and Shadow are still supported because are popular, people still buy them. Why are its popular? Because of size, price and sometimes because of the colour

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I would love to see a new router in the Shadow case, with a USB C connector for power, and an update chipset.

Yes, they’re great. It’s time for an hardware revision, tho.

It’s not like Opal can replace all uses of Mango: Mango is a lot smaller, and uses a lot less power. Pricewise they’re close, but mango I can throw in a bag and forget about it. Opal, not so much, it’s not that wardrivable.