Do you recommend using NextDNS?


I have GL.iNet router (Mango). I want to set up DNS filtering. How secure/private NextDNS?

As secure or private as any other service, I would assume.

Would I recommend it? Not sure.
Should it be ok to use? Yup.

Maybe some people here really use it, I only use AdGuard DNS :smile:

I use it on my router.
Reliability has been 100%.
I find it very good at what it does, with an easy to use interface.
How secure/safe/trustworthy? Who knows but I'd rather share my DNS records with them than my ISP/Google etc.

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NextDNS have some filters built in, similar to what AdGuard Home does.
And their response time is the fastest I have on my list of DNS servers (now it's 26ms)