Documentaion / Manual in PDF

Hi to All,

I am an old fashion Guy who loves to read documentation on hardcore paper and not necessarily only online!

Could anyone direct me to an valid URL, where I could download the complete user / Admin manual in PDF format ??

Sorry I forgot, my device: GL - AR750S (Slate)

Many, many thanks in advance for your help !

Regards, Blacky

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It can be the follow links will help you for glinet 750S:

@Henry Thank you very much for the links provided. However, I am still searchhing and looking for a full documentation in PDF format!
regards, Bleckie

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@ Bleckie,

i dont know a download source of a classical pdf doku file.!Ap4enp1Bx_Bei80BMWB-96X9XHfugg?e=p40uPI

pls download the pdf manual of AR750s from here

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@alhao Many, many thanks for your support !
I appreciate your help very much !

I will enjoy reading and studying the manual !

regrds, Bleckie

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@ alzhao,

on follow manual on page 18:!Ap4enp1Bx_Bei80BMWB-96X9XHfugg?e=p40uPI

the follow need to change from:
“GL-AR750(Crena): GL.iNet download center

change to:
“GL-AR750(Creta): GL.iNet download center

wow, how did you find that.

Sure. Will change. We will check all documents soon.

The document website ( is updated almost every week. The PDF format which alzhao provided was maked manually, it should be a bit out of date.

  1. Prioritize online documentation
  2. If you want to read the document offline, please just save each page as .html format or .pdf format, it is very easy. This is the .pdf format (for GL-AR750S) I just saved. Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

Please google “how to save a website” or “how to save a website as pdf” or “how to read website offline”

I have read your linked document.