Does A1300 support vless or naive

i am using A1300, want to setup a client in this router for service: vless, naive

Is that correct understanding that only have to setup a speicial version of Openwrt which support vless and naive is this solution?
It seems in advance setting- luci (as a kind of Openwrt) doesn’t support vless, naive or v2ray…?

so is there a solution?


Yes, we do not support all such services, including vless, vmess, v2ray, shadowsock …
You can’t see them in the LuCI of the standard firmware, nor can you download and install them through the GL software source.

hi, i bought the device in USA, the version doesn’t support ? Even if try to get other version’s Openwrt?

but i see many post says can install v2ray in ax1800 How to install V2Ray on AX-1800 in English - #5 by msvf

Let’s phrase this way: we don’t provide technical support for these protocols. But you can refere to the community for help.

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