Does all GL.iNet products support the USB Hub?

Need add some drivers for this kind of USB Hub ? how to do that ?

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The Hub you posted, is a standard USB hub, i.e. all the output is just standard USB. It should works with the routers without problem.

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Just note that if you’re running “high draw” devices like a spinning external hard drive you might want to thing about buying a powered USB hub as the single port on the router won’t supply enough power to run a lot of devices.

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I am going to connect GL E750 with below 2 devices by USB hub:

  1. a USB 2 RS422 Serial port
  2. a USB GPS antenna
    Really worry about the power supply problem if I adopted this rechargable battery portable device, GL E750 :frowning:

If it is a device that uses almost no power (for example, a lamp with one LED), it is okay to connect multiple devices via USB hub.
If this is not the case, keep in mind that portable devices are basically designed with the assumption that only one device will be connected to one port.
The number of terminals indicates a power limit rather than an area limit.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use a USB hub to which an external power supply can be connected, and to prevent the total voltage of the connected devices from exceeding the input voltage of the external power supply.
(Needless to say, it’s best to use it that can be connected to AC power source.)

Carrying an additional external battery for an external power source is terribly clunky, but it takes a lot of additional power to do a lot with a portable device :innocent: