Does anybody use travel routers in business? USB Tether Backup interesting and works surprisingly well

Would be interested in some of the Travel Routers.
Is VLAN Setup Difficult?
I think I tried to set it up in a pinch and was having some difficulty.
Is there a tutorial as to how to setup multiple VLANS either on different ports or on the same port?
the MT1300 or the AXT1800?
Recently had a highspeed internet out and resorted to using the Tether option with USB from a Mobile device which worked out surprisingly well.
I’m wondering if this could be used for backup in an emergency case for a business.
Had a TP-Link router, and although they allow USB WAN, it did not work with Mobile tethering via USB.

They do not have the option of using another highspeed connection. Some places are locked into one physical ISP carrier due to a previous contract such as a medical building, or limited to highspeed providers.
Thank you.

I sometimes use my GL-SFT1200 for work - when I’m with a customer and need my “own” WLAN quickly.

Would I make my life or that of my company dependent on the GL router taking over everything when only a cell phone network is available? Not really.

It depends on how you think about it. It won’t be a problem for a 5-person company, but I wouldn’t risk it with 100 employees.

The MT1300 does its job. I don’t know the AXT1800, but it will probably do the same.

For VLANs you need to be familiarized with OpenWrt or Luci. You should take a very close look at this beforehand; otherwise you’ll be up a creek later on. You could play along with OpenWrt on some virtual machine:

@admon Thanks, I’ve done this with the MT1300 lately,
Is there any way to make it work like a pass through Dongle? or some sort? even if it’s just to have internet and pass through the Internet through ethernet to another router that uses Dual WAN or failover?
That might work, I know the VLAN setup isn’t as intuitive as something like a business or enterprise class router.
If I have a tether setup to one of the travel routers, I don’t want to be in a double NAT situation with the network which is already in place.

FYI: The ‘Guest Wi-Fi’/SSID is, technically, a VLAN (… but most GL devices already support some sort of USB modem connectivity for tethering ('Multi-WAN), USB device specific, of course.

Check the device model docs @ the bottom of GL’s product page.