Does AstroRelay replace GoodCloud? Or: what are the important differences?


Can someone tell me if I can use AstroRelay to replace GoodCloud?

For example:
If I have a Wireguard-Server on a gl.iNet-product, and my ISP changes the external IP of my internet-connection, Goodcloud keeps track of the WG-Server, and will make sure, that the Wireguard-Clients will find my Wireguard-Server again after the external IP changed.

Does AstroRelay provide the same functionality too? Astrorelay makes it possible to access the router through a secure interface, but does it reroute the clients after the ISP changes the external IP?

I think it will be great to get:

  • from marketing point of view, a short, clear and easy description what the benefit of booth.
  • from tecnical point of view, a short, clear and easy description how to configure/use booth.

In your case, you have a public IP address, which may change by your ISP from time to time.

So you can use ddns which works exactly for your purpose.

Astrorelay works for those, who do not even have a public IP, which ddns does not work.

Of course you can use Astrorelay and it works for you. But if you have ddns working good, just keep it.