Does AXT1800 support booting OpenWrt from a MicroSD card?

The AXT1800’s internal storage (eMMC) is so tiny that I am wondering if it is possible to make it boot OpenWrt from an external Micro SD card.

I have a lot of plugins:

  • WireGuard
  • Vim-Fuller
  • zsh
  • Tailscale

Now, when I update Tailscale using the tailscale update command, it always says there is no adequate space.

You can extend the storage to host your other packages and files without the need to boot the openwrt from it.

But maybe someone can shed the light on the possibility of booting from an external microsd.

Yeah. I can boot OpenWrt from a USB drive (Sandisk CZ880 128GB) on the Qnap Qhora 322 router by modifying Uboot’s boot-cmd variable.

I believe booting from a Micro-SD card is possible if I modify the corresponding Uboot variable.

I have asked this question before and GL engineer said it is not possible . So please if you know how let us know how to do it!

Update: I finally stumbled upon it … it’s been long time! You can read the whole conversation here: