Does GL-A1300 (Slate Plus) run as an exit node for Tailscale

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So I was planing to travel for a bit and use a portable router to be able to use the hotspot for multiple devices, and also be able to connect to my home devices through a Tailscale tunnel. Will that be possible to do with a GL-A1300 (Slate Plus)?


Not without a touch of work:

Hi @bring.fringe18 - That’s fine with me, I’m cool with making any changes. I just don’t have a context for how to first authenticate with tailscale and then run the gl.inet router as the exit node. Does it have to be through GUI first? Is there a documentation page available for all that?

IDK; I don’t use TS. I only know that method is reported to work per the results of others. I assume you’re already set up your tailnet & are just looking to get the GL device to act as a exit node.

Hi @bring.fringe18 - Yeah I already have tailscale up and running. I just want to use the GL-A1300 as an exit node.

Then if that method I posted still works it should just be a matter of tweaking a script. Don’t forget to add that modified .sh to be including in your backups:

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Sure thing, I’ll buy the device soon and will post the results of setting up tailscale here in this thread.

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Right so I was able to set up tailscale with persistent connection as an exit nde. Here’s the steps.

  1. Enable tailscale in Applications and authenticate your machine.

  1. Ensure the router is the exit node and also disable the expiry of the authentication key.
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  2. Edit the file /usr/bin/ and add the highlighted parameter to the line 159 after the --reset parameter. The line should look like:
    /usr/sbin/tailscale up --reset --advertise-exit-node --accept-routes $param --timeout 3s > /dev/null

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  1. Restart the router and test if it works once it’s back up and running.

Thanks you @tragicshadow for the solution from here.

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Heh; @tragicshadow 's method is just a reimplementation of mine updated for the Flint v2 (GL-MT6000) differences in firmware filenames. It’s not quite as clean but hey! As long as it works.

@vin321 … so you’re welcome. :wink:

(Don’t forget to mark ‘solution’ to let others know when they search the forum. Have a good one!)

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