Does GL-AR150 support WISP Client Router Mode?


Does the GL-AR150 support WISP Client Router Mode like TP-Link access points do?

E.g. I want the GL-AR150 to connect to one wireless network & then broadcast another network with different SSID & DHCP. Can this be configured?

wireless network 1 <<<>>> GL-AR150 <<<>>> wireless network 2 w/ DHCP


Yes, it is basic functionality.

How do I configure this on the GL-MT300A?!mini/

Here it is.

Thank you!

I have got WISP mode working now. Only thing I couldn’t figure out is how to set custom DNS for my network?

In the screen shots on the guide you liked to there is a DNS button next to the Clone Mac button on the Internet Status page, but on my MT300A with firmware 2.19 the button does not exist.

Can you tell me where I can set DNS addresses please?

Hi, please use v2.20

Thanks that worked :slight_smile: