Does GL-MT300N-V2 have any usable "out" GPIO without having to rebuild firmware?

Hello! I have GL-MT300N-V2 and appropriate PCB diagram

I am looking to control any 1 GPIO in the “out” direction with unmodified firmware. Is this possible? Or is my only option to disable i2c or serial or something already present sharing those pins and rebuild a firmware? (GPIO 4, 5, 45, 46, 12, or 13)

Thanks very much!

I should give more information. I’ve tried accessing the GPIO via /sys/class/gpio using the appropriate export and out direction and value setting as described here but I cannot get any pins to go HIGH 3.3v. I just wanted to know for certain before I start modifying firmware that I cannot do this using the firmware provided by GL.iNet.

I am not sure if I2C need to be disabled. But The IO may not output 3.3V at all.

A lot of chipset only ouput 2.5V or even 1.8V.

I think that’s fine, as long as I can tell the difference between HIGH and LOW. As it is right now, any output I assign doesn’t register on my multimeter.

Does these posts help?

Hi @alzhao , I looked through the posts there and they don’t really tell me whether or not it is possible to use standard GPIO in the “out” direction without recompiling from source. They seem to get GPIO working after modifying some source and recompiling, but since GPIO is advertised in the product description, I’m hoping there is a way to use it without recompiling and flashing a custom openwrt.

Pls try firmware 3.211 GL.iNet download center

MT300N-V2 3.211 firmware uses the pins as GPIO.


@alzhao Thank you! This is exactly what I needed. This firmware works for me.

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