Does it work on Channel 13?

Hey I have a few GLAR300M devices, and cannot get it to work with Virgin Media SuperHub or my Netgear Nighthawk router (both of which are running on Channel 13 to avoid being on a congested channel).

I’m running a slightly older firmware v2.24 but just wanted to check if Channel 13 is supported? (I’m also UK if region matters too).

Thanks in advanced (great products :slight_smile: )

Yeah! It supports channel 13 in UK. But you should change the country code at first, to do this pls negative to luci → Network → Wiereless → Edit → Advanced Setting, clicking on Apply & Save button after changing. Then go back to gl ui, you can select 13 channel.


Hey, thanks @kyson-lok, so in Luci what have I to change the country code to?

GB - United Kingdom.

Quick question @kyson-lok , which file on the router does this change to country code modify?

Just so when I’m building my own firmware I can include it with the GB change.

Works fine that way when I’m using LuCi. Thanks

The file is located in /etc/config/wireless.

Thank you so much! Same situation; I need channel 13. Your trick works. However, with my GL.iNet White (GL-AR150 with firmware 3.201-release), I was not able to select channel 13 in GL UI then. I changed it via LuCI as well.

@GL.iNET, this is quite a popular request, at least I found a lot of threads via the search and you created even a Wiki entry. Two questions:

  1. Is it planned to make the channel selection more dynamic, for example, when I changed to Germany via LuCI that I get channels 1 to 13 in GL UI? LuCI is dynamic and gave just 1 to 11 at start. After changing the country, LuCI gave 1 to 13. Would be handy if GL UI adopts already. Or is this a recently introduced regression? You filed that already… please, do a +1 on that bug report for me.

  2. Is it planned to allow the user to change the country via GL UI as well?

Choose country settings may be possible but we need to be careful to respect the certification.

We will do this in firmware 4.x

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