Does the Adguard Home application in the Spitz X-3000 uses a lot of CPU/Memory when enabled?

For a network of 10 users devices and 20 IOT devices, thanks

I don’t own a Spitz X-3000, so I can’t confirm nor deny it. In general, the service uses some CPU/Memory, but not very much.

Since you can run it without problem on a Flint or Opal (both tested by me) it should be no problem with the X-3000. More devices do not mean much more CPU/Memory usage since it’s only DNS which is pretty lightweight.

If you experience troubles you can use Adguard Home just as an encrypted DNS endpoint and redirect all DNS traffic to an external service like Adguard DNS (, so the main job will be done by the external service.

It’s my understanding that what will cause Adguard Home to use lots of memory/resources is using a very large block list.