Does this directional antenna has a good design?

I need to use an external directional antenna to create a long-distance wireless link (not very long that I need to buy a costly CPE). So, I have decided to buy an 8dbi/12dbi directional antenna from Aliexpress, but I don’t know much about antenna design and the sellers often write wrong parameters to sell more. So, I am posting the details here if anyone with antenna knowledge can help.

The antenna link:

Inside, it is formed by two plates. The driven element is a 40x50mm plate. The reflector is larger, curved, and grounded. A black plastic is there between the plates. But there is a metal bolt in the center causing electrical contact between the plates. Here I have attached some photos which were posted by a buyer. Can you please tell me if this design is good and is the antenna a good choice? Thank you.

I wanted to know the type of the antenna and whether it has a good design. According to some answers on Amateur Radio Q&A website and OpenWRT forum, it is a patch antenna, and it’s “impossible” to tell if they’re good “by inspection.” Also, antenna testing in the GHz range requires test equipment, typically costing tens of thousands of dollars. About the metal bolt connecting the patch and the ground, I got contradictory answers. I have decided to buy it and since it is cheap, if it doesn’t work, I will throw it out.