Domino - all in package

Hello i´m interested in buying the domino products could you create a all-in package includes all the modules and boards released so far?

Saw something on kickstarter for about 90 usd maybe you could create a package with a discount?

Kickstarter $90 is a super discount and we don’t have such package now. Actually we have no stock of Domino Qi. Other modules can be purchased from our website directly.

What did you see on Kickstarter Rene?

Hello Jeroen, Hello Alfie

i saw this project on kickstarter:

sadly i´m too late to support this project :slight_smile:

I think the domino is a cool item to hack with but if u need to buy all modules and boards it gets fast very expensive :frowning:


Alfie when will the domino qi be back in stock? Also when will u release the gl-mt300 series?

Rene has a good point, The Domino Pi itself is a pretty good deal but the price of additional modules quickly adds up.

Am I correct that Rene is Talking about Domino Pi and the modules? LAN + Dual LAN + USB + 3x USB and SD + DAC + LED’s That’s a very complete tinker kit. Also it would be nice if an antenna would be added to the shop (+cable and mini RF connector) Since the Domino Pi may be build in an aluminium enclosure and then you need an external one.

PS the modules are meant for the Domino Pi not the qi