Domino Core Flash made system read only

Hi I flashed my domino core and the os is read only. It is missing the network, and wireless configs within /etc/config/ I cannot create them because it is read only. I have access via UART. How do I reflash it? Do I use uboot? I was reading the directions from the serial wiki on, but I am not sure which memory address to erase in the console.

Any help would be great!!

Thank you.

When you flash new firmware, it will create a writable file system. If this is failed, you cannot write anything.

Generally the reasons include:

  1. Too big firmware, no space to create the system
  2. bugs in firmware.
Where does your firmware come from?

I compiled it from the GLI git repo. I can get into uboot, I just cant figure out which address to start the erase from and what address to end with.

Below is what I see :

Device calibrated. Booting …
Booting image at: 0x9F050000

Image name: MIPS OpenWrt Linux-3.18.23
Created: 2016-02-28 23:28:27 UTC
Image type: MIPS Linux Kernel Image (lzma compressed)
Data size: 1141668 Bytes = 1.1 MB
Load address: 0x80060000
Entry point: 0x80060000

Uncompressing kernel image… OK!
Starting kernel…

I’m guessing I would issue the following to re-flash using kermit within the uboot interface:

erase 0x9F050000 +7c0000 (not sure how to get this number “+7c0000”)
loadb 0x80060000



<pre class=“code”>

why not just use the uboot WebUI?

  1. Type "httpd" and it will start the UI,
  2. Set your computer's IP to
  3. then you can visit using your browser
When you use erase, the number (+7c0000) is the size of your new firmware

I do not have a NIC on the board, I only have UART access so I need to copy via Kermit. Is there a formula to find the Firmware size? Is it just a hexadecimal number of the file size, or is it a memory address?



I soldered a cat 5 cable to the di board, but uboot states eth0 and/or eth1 is not up.

Orange White –> TX+

Orange —> TX-

Green White–> RX+

Green —> RX-

Any suggestions on how to fix it, or should I just pronounce it dead?



0x10000 = 64K

0xffffff = 16MB

0x800000 = 8MB

I am not sure it is dead. Seems you need to have some hardware skills to save it.

I soldered the Ethernet directly to the core, and it still does not work. I guess it goes in the trash pile.

Thanks for your assistance.