Domino Core without Di or Pi board

As currently no Pi or Di boards are available in online shop (Jan 2017) I’m thinking of buying Domino Core board and using it on its own for some project. Sadly, the documentation for Domino Core is rather poor. The only document available is Domino Core Pinout PDF, which states that “Boostrap settings must be effective at boot time in order for the module to boot correctly” and gives a list of GPIO pins with their bootstrap function. Anyway, that’s not clear enough for me and raises many questions:

Should any pull up and pull down resistors be used? If so, what are recommended values for these resistors?

What happens if I leave the GPIO bootstrap pins disconnected? Are they by default in High state?

Another recommendation which confuses me is “To avoid applying a wrong voltage on the I/O pin coming from the LED, these GPIOs should be sourcing current only, not sinking current.” But the “Bootstrap function” list says that some of these pins must be pulled up and some pulled down, which means I need to apply voltage to some of them, otherwise the module won’t boot, am I right? Or they’re in High state by default?

All I need is some simple schematic which shows the default setup of hardware with minimum external components which allows the module to boot successfully.

I see, I’m not the first person asking these questions, some were raised already in this thread but no satisfactory answer was produced:

Does anyone have experience with that? If so, please share!


It is better to leave them disconnected. They will be in default state.

You can refer to the Di board for a minimal settings.