Domino Qi Base Board availability and pricing?

I returned to the site yesterday and saw that there are some more Domino things to look at. The Qi Base Board caught my eye, but as far as I can tell, I can’t buy it or find a price for it.

Is it out of stock? What is the MSRP for it?


As far as technical capabilities, do I need a Domino Core, or can this work on it’s own? Based on the kickstarter page, it looks like it’s meant to work with the Domino Core, but it also has it’s own CPU, so I’m not sure what does what.

What does the Yun compatibility get me? Does that mean I can program the Qi in the Arduino IDE? Or can I program the Domino Core in the Arduino IDE?


Domino Qi is Arduino Yun compatible, which means it has the same hardware specs as Arduino Yun, AR9331 CPU and Atmega32u4 MCU. The CPU part is Domino Core.

We don’t have stock of this board and there is no time schedule for next production, due to cost, resources and support!