Don't buy a MUDI GL-E750v2 (low VPN-Speeds, no more Filesharing, ...)

All in all the Mudi (v2) is a complete disappointment, now that I finally bought one.
It is slow (wireguard speeds), doesn’t hold what was promised (filesharing) and it is still bloody expensive for such a gadget (180€ is almost 200$). And you are prone to walk into issues with carriers (check E750 - a frustrated review in 2023) … which makes the thing unreliable too … MiFis should be no brainers. You don’t want to hack around in your holidays with a foreign SIM in your glInet-Product. And why still promote the Mudi’s “Filesharing”-possibility (TF Card Storage 1 x MicroSD card slot (Up to 1TB)) if you already know(!) there are limitations … that’s selling the people a promise that you don’t intend to keep (see here: E750 - File Sharing Missing - #2 by ywp)

If I could I would send it back, but I overstepped the 15days return-time.
Definetly will not use this.

Waste of money :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

So you have two problems:

  1. No NAS function in default firmware
  2. Wireguard speed slow. What is your speed?

We would do return if we cannot work out your issues.

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Hi @alzhao
I get 20mb/s max with wireguard
And it sounds (see linked comment of a japan traveling fellow owner of Mudi), that the carrier issues, that were present with the first Puli (which I used too, and already had issues in France), are still there.
Like I wrote: This thing costs almost 200$ and then you get something you need to tweak to work? I accept that for a Raspberry Pi. But not for a MiFi.
I love your products and got many of them. But the MiFi-line really isn’t doing what one could expect …
Let me know how to return it. I live in Europe. And I don’t want it to become technical trash here.

No problem for return. Pls contact support at directly with purchase order number and refer this thread.

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