Double Nat GL-X750

Is they’re anyway to get rid of the double nat on Xbox while being connected to a GL-X750?

Does X750 using 4G network or cable/repeater?

It’s using a 4G network.

So there is only one NAT, the X750 itself. Right?

BTW, X750 does not work as LTE bridge, i.e. your Xbox can get IP address from your carrier directly.

It’s showing Double NAT Detected on Xbox. Trying to find a solution to get rid of it.

Seems like the carrier has NAT as well. This happens if you do not have a public IP.

Maybe you can try opening some ports on the router which Xbox required to see if it works. Maybe it needs upnp?

Tried that and still having a problem with double NAT.

Tried searching for similar issue. If you use carrier network and usually they will have a strict NAT and you have nothing to do.

But your last try is to set up DMZ on your X750 to your xbox and see if you are lucky.

Thank you for the info.