Double NAT

As my issue of PPPoE with new firmwares hasn’t been resolved I want to have one GL-inet router setup for PPPoE and 2nd router having latest firmware installed (to tap maximum features).

The issue is when my NAS detects that it is behind a NAT and also DDNS service in router detects no external IP. How to resolve it?

Can you describe some details?

Can you set up port forward on the router doing pppoe? Usually in NAS there are instructions of setting up ddns behind NAT.

I’m planning to use AR750s for PPPoE (with old firmware) and use B1300 as the main router for clients over WiFi. B1300 will be in repeater mode to connect with AR750s (good idea?). I will update B1300 to latest firmware which I currently am not doing due to PPPoE issue.

1- I have setup nextDNS over stubby on B1300 which is not reliable though but still using it. In new setting it won’t update DDNS though.

2- I will have a separate DNS server manually setup on AR750s (for Netflix).

3- NAS from QNAP will connect with B1300 over WiFi but it simply says there is double NAT issue.

4- GoodCloud will not work with B1300 and I won’t be able to see B1300 settings remotely.

Can there be a better solution to it?

Not in QNAP NAS that I have.

Also putting B1300 (Client) to AR750s (main router) in repeater mode is very unstable.
B1300 is having 3.104 and AR750s has 3.025 (old firmware as otherwise PPPoE wont work for me).

Not good idea. Try avoid using repeater mode.Can you use wire?