Double VPN (vpn over vpn) with 2 different server or provider?

Hello all,
it’s possible (via Luci or in the future) set 2 different vpn server OR provider for one connection at the same time?
(vpn over vpn) - like this:

isp (lan) → vpn client server 1 → vpn client server 2 → internet

this would be great for increase security and privacy.


I have openVPN over Cisco VPN from work, works fine for me, but you need to have fast internet.

hi! did you configure this into a gl.inet router?

The Cisco VPN in on my work laptop and my VPN is the router, works fine.

Thanks for the reply!
I want to avoid software client because possible crash and instability.

I tried in the past gl.inet + software and works good for a couple of hour’s until VPN software crashed :slight_smile:


Setting up a VPN over another VPN is possible, and you can route the traffic of the second VPN through the interface of the first one. This can be done to enhance security and privacy, as you mentioned. Keep in mind that while this setup can provide an extra layer of protection, it might also introduce some latency due to the double encryption and routing processes.

ip route add vpn_ip_2 dev vpn_interface_1
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cool, thanks! :smiley:
did you have a tutorial?

i think you can set this up through open wrt interface from our gl.inet.