Double vpn? Work mandated Cisco Anyconnect

Anybody here try using wireguard on two glinet routers in conjuntion with Cisco Anyconnect? My employer provided laptop requires the use of Cisco Anyconnect to access many work functions. I was thinking of using a home based vpn (to retain home ip) and travel router for travel locatons. Ive read some reddit threads stating this works fine, others claim Cisco somehow reconizes the use of vpn and prevents connection.

How would Cisco know if im not using a paid vpn service like nordvpn? I understand many of those ip’s are flagged and blocked.

Additionally, Im a bit confused about the “vpn kill switch” feature.
What is the difference between the internet kill switch toggle and the more detailed Vpn Policies tab?
If I enabled the Vpn Policies toggle and “Use VPN for all processes on the router.” would this be more secure/recommended?


If you enable this option, all non-VPN traffic will be disabled, including non-VPN policies configured in the policy.