Downgrade to firmware 3.x for Slate AX or Beryl AX?


I thought about upgrading my Beryl to Beryl AX or Slate AX but I the new firmware misses needed features 3.x had.
I understand the new devices will be delivered with fw 4.x - any chance to downgrade that to 3.x (there’s no v.3.x available in Download Center)?

Thank you!

You can downgrade to 3.x locally.

Thanks for replying!
Where do I get the image for 3.x? The download page only provides 4.x images.

Thanks again but I’m talking about the Beryl AX (MT3000), maybe the Slate AX (AXT1800).
I already have/use Beryl (MT1300) with (and another with 4.3.6.).

So I’d like the hardware of the MT3000 but with the features of 3.x firmware (especially bypassing VPN whilst Killswitch is enabled).

Sorry, there is no 3.x firmware for MT3000 and AXT1800.

But VPN will be re-improved in sdk4.x.

Is there an ETA for the new/improved version?

Would you please tell me about ETA or was that more a vague promise?