Dropped internet connection with OpenVPN

I have a GL-MT300N-V2 with firmware v3.216. I use it as a travel router in repeater mode with an OpenVPN connection. I connect to it with 2 PCs, a Roku streaming device, and phones. The internet connection through OpenVPN works well while PC #1 is connected. But whenever I disconnect PC #1 from the router, the internet connection drops for all the other devices. The travel router’s connection to the local router is stable. And the clients’ connections to the travel router are stable. And the internet connection is stable when I disable OpenVPN. But if I use OpenVPN and I disconnect PC #1, then the other devices will lose their connection to the internet. It seems like OpenVPN works only while PC #1 is connected to the travel router. I don’t know what is special about PC #1. How can I fix this so that OpenVPN works regardless of which clients are connected?

This does not make sense. PC#1 as client should not affect other device.

Can you double check if there is anything unattended?