DSL Data Usage Gauge Software: Suggestions?

Greetings: I am new to the AR 150, and OpenWrt routers in general. I thought one useful application might be a DSL (or broadband) usage meter; like many of us have on our smartphones. Does anyone have any good suggestions for a software package that accomplishes this, or one that could be used for this purpose? Thank you.

It should be one. From this post Bandwidth Monitoring [Old OpenWrt Wiki] there are a lot of tools to monitor bandwidth. I believe you can try some to monitor data usage as well. But I haven’t tried.

iftop seems like the network usage equivalent to the bwmon you suggested. Actually I should thank you for that page, since it seems to have a lot of useful tools. In fact it will take me some time to look them all over. vnstat looks promising.

vnstat was exactly what I was looking for: designed for purpose, runs on the AR 150 without a constant terminal connection (unlike iftop which required a constant dedicated terminal connection), fits well with the AR 150’s memory, easy to use, and well documented on the internet. Just install, and keep the AR 150 constantly powered for a month, and you’ll know exactly how much data you are using. This will be a big help to ISP users that are charged based on usage. It also proves that the washer and dryer pay for themselves. Especially when you consider the total cost of a boring Netflix day at the laundromat.

@clwardgli, thanks for the sharing. It is worth to write a post about this.