Dual Sim x750


First of all, thanks for any info you might be able to provide. A few questions on capability:

  • Is there a rudimentary way to have dual sim capacity for this device? I.e. purchase a secondary usb modem and not run it in tether mode but rather QCI/default mode?

  • If this is possible, would load balancing be capable or automatic?

  • Failover possible?

  • For use of external antenna upgrade with the internal modem, would the QCI usb modem be able to piggyback off of the upgraded antenna attached to the router or would the usb modem’s crappy internal antenna be the default?

Any help is very appreciated! Thanks so much!

You can try using another USB modem. It will use its own antenna. Generally the antenna will be OK because it is optimized for your area if you bought from your carrier.

You can set up but only with tech skills. You will see multiple modem devices and have to set up manually, by modifying /etc/config/network

Failover and load balancing is possible as long as you set the correct options in /etc/config/network and /etc/config/mwan3

I have to say that this is not recommended because it may be difficult to set up.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I’m fairly tech savvy, and if there’s any documentation around on modification of the config files, I’ll have no issues. Is there any possible way to have the secondary usb modem use the external antennas? (Splitter, signal pass through either physical or software)?? If I understand correctly, using a splitter would greatly diminish signal/noise ratio…

I’m going to be in an RV using a Poynting MIMO antenna and want to use this antenna for both modems if possible. Any suggestions?

Documentation on the config files or solution to the antenna problem would be very appreciated!!

Sorry for antenna I cannot suggest. You’d better just use different antennas for different modems.

For multiple wan connection, pls refer to

You can install luci-app-mwan3 so that you will have a UI in luci to try things.

Before you set up multiple wan, pls set up 2 modem connection. There are two things:

  1. Make sure your USB modem can be recognized by the router. It should appear as ttyUSB5 and ttyUSB6, ttyUSB7 etc. and cdc-wdm1
  2. Make the USB modem work. You need to check /etc/config/network and set up your modem connection as the internal modem connection.
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