Dual Wan Load Balance + VPN Client On = No Internet Access

Has anyone found a solution for the above dilemma please?

It’s a known problem, and we’re trying to fix it.


Thanks for that. Do you happen to have a rough estimate on when an expected fix might happen?

We’re fixing it, but it’s complicated and will take some time.

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is this fixed yet?

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Is there a solution to this issue?

It is fixed in firmware 4.3.7 and later. Now there is a 4.5 firmware released. Pls try.

I have firmware 4.4.6 on my device and the upgrade page is saying that it’s up to date. I will search for 4.5 and give it a shot.

I updated to 4.5. It seems to be working for now. I will report back if it fails again.


Just if someone comes around and is looking for the 4.5 firmware:

That’s where all downloads can be found.