Dual WAN settings for performance on GL-MT1300 - Beryl

I have repurposed my Beryl GL-MT1300 router to be primarily act as multi wan load balancer due to mainly working from home.
I am use my ISP Virgin fibre broadband (125mb)-ISP router kept in modem mode + Three 5G mobile broadband (125-175mb as per speedtest) on the USB port
The LAN port connects to my main Asus router.
On the BERYL what settings can I do to have low latency for gaming.
Things I have done.
Load ratio is (Virgin fibre 4:3 Three mobile broadband)
As the Asus router is the only device connecting to the GLnet router, I have set DMZ to the Asus router.

I do see game latency CS2 and LOL going high and dont see this when I direclty use the ISP connected to the Asus router. Is there any settings I should look to try. Also what GLnet logs should I be monitoring when I notice these issues while gaming.

Low latency and multi WAN load balance are mutually exclusive.
Best way to minimize latency would be fixed routing - but this won’t work since you don’t know the specific endpoints for your game network. (I guess)

Edit: They are not mutually exclusive in general - but on consumer hardware like a normal router it’s pretty much like that.

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