DWS AX1800 error

I have two GL.inet routers, GL-MT3000 and GL-AXT1800. I have the GL-MT3000 as main router and when I try to connect the GL-AXT1800 as WDS slave, it doesn’t connect. I don’t know what to do.

Can you use Extender?

MT3000 use MTK’s wifi driver so its WDS is different.

Yes I can use the router as extender but it creates a different SSID network

Do you mean that I can have the reverse conection? I mean having the GL-AXT1800 as main router instead of GL-MT3000

You can just change the ssid and key to the same and that is ok.

You need to do this even for wds.

When configuring a router in extension mode and assigning the same network name and password, do devices automatically choose which router to connect to? On the other hand, when using it in DWS mode, I did change the network names and passwords to be the same, but it still doesn’t connect.


WDS and changing SSID/Key is not related.
I just tried, MT3000 does support WDS to AXT1800.