Dynamic DNS with SIMcard (cellular)

Hello Team,

i want to setup Dynamic DNS so i can use RDP on one of my PC in my network. So i setup Dynamic DNS like the documentation (Dynamic DNS - GL.iNet Router Docs 4).

Here is a picture how i setup:

In documentation it show that when i click on the test it should show my Public IP Adress in this case it means it is working. Which it does in the screenshot

So what i was thinking now is that i just need to have port forward to the local IP Adress of my PC and than i can run RDP with “http://xxxxx.glddns.com” as adress.

But somehow it does not work. It works with my previous router so RDP is setup correctly on my PC. Any ideas?

Just doublechecking if i setup portforwarding correctly… When i use the X3000 and i use internet over cellular. I have to setup still “WAN” as external zone?

Your explanation for the ddns and RDP is correct.

Is your modem connected directly to the Internet or to another upstream modem? Please provide clear setup and logs so others can help you !

Update: I think your issue is your are behind NAT… so regardless of setting DDNS you won’t be able to reach your IP! ISPs share your one PUBLIC IP for hundreds of subscribers- it is called GCNAT.

yes you right, looks like my ISP (German Telekom) is using NAT.

Any suggestion how to get Dynamic DNS work?
I need that to send Daily backups or use RDP. I read some threads about vpn but most of them also not working behind NAT.
I testet Wireguard but it is also not working

If you have other network that has public IP you can set up Site-to-Site setup.

Try ZeroTier or Tailscale.

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