E750 and adguard

Hello, I’ve recently bought a gl-e750. I wanted to use adguardhome and after installing from plugins, when I try to enable it says ‘warning: the api is unavailable’. I’ve tried firmware 3.100, .105 and currently on the latest snapshot. Was there another plugin in I need?

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As far as I know you need an Adguardhome-integrated firmware. If you install it from the Plugin it’ll give an error.

That makes sense. Where would I be able to find the adguard enabled firmware?

Adguard is not supported afaik on E750, so you’ll have to install it on your own manually. It is not very complex, I had it running on my beryl: [HowTo] Running Adguard Home on OpenWrt - Community Builds, Projects & Packages - OpenWrt Forum

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So… Adguard-Home not supported out of the box, missing from admin pages – but does work with manual install steps.

Seems like just a configuration and setup issue, so could be added – and thus made available on the E750 without custom steps.

I wanted to enable/activate AdGuard-Home, having successfully setup the AX1800, with Adguard working well there, and was hoping for similar easy-setup on the E750. It’s nice when it’s easily accessible via the admin pages, quick to enable/disable with few clicks or without any command line adjustments.

E750 seems capable enough to support this, or was there some other reason (glinet??)

I think on E750 you can use AdguardHome exactly the same as AX1800.

I don’t think it is powerful enough though. But AdguardHome works.

Interesting, it requires more memory or CPU then? Was it not fast enough to be recommended?

Both. Adguard home is just resource hungry.