E750 is definitely Online, but being reported as Offline in GoodCloud

I had suspected for a while that I had E750 devices that were being reported offline in GoodCloud, but were definitely Online and operating.

This morning, I was able to definitively prove this to myself.

Question: What is the mechanism that reports to Goodcloud that a device is online?

I add my own software and scripts to the E750 and I am wondering if I can check to see if the mechanism if working or not, or to even manually send a keep-alive to GoodCloud.

Semi-related… & for a price if you want more than email notifications:


That’s really interesting. Not the solution I need (as I need to access the router via good cloud), but it might be the solution to monitor my applications :slight_smile: Thank you

Yeah, I know it’s more than a touch off topic but I thought it relevant for your situation.

Even the F/OSS edition (monit) does more than monitor. One can also manually control services beyond just letting them to ‘auto-heal.’

Comment out line 163 of the monitrc & add allow $subnet. It’s how I manage via the web GUI over a Wireguard subnet (GoodCloud is WG-based).