E750 MCU not working with custom openwrt firmware

Not working with openwrt-19.07.7 / firmware 3.201.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Clone branch openwrt-19.07.7 of GitHub - gl-inet/openwrt: This repository is fork from openwrt official repo, we will update the latest tag and release GL.iNet firmware based on it.
  2. Add GL-E750-MCU-instruction package manually to packages directory (it does not show automatically in makeconfig).
  3. Compile NOR image for e750 with GL-E750-MCU-instruction, luci and luci-compat (required).
  4. Load image and try to change settings for MCU.
  5. Changes have no effect and other functionality not working (connected clients, SD card present, time etc)

If the MCU is working, you need to manually send info to MCU in shell to update the data.

In your firmware, do you have this part?

1.Check if there is a package
root@GL-E750:~# opkg list |grep gl-e750
gl-e750-mcu - 3.0.52-1
2.Enable log
3.Restart process
root@GL-E750:~# /etc/init.d/e750_mcu restart
4.Check if there is any message sent