E750 (mudi) wifi keeps cutting out

I updated to 3.105 and it seems to mess up the wifi modual. I get disconnects at random on everything that’s on the router. Using LTE as the main internet source. What can be causing this?

Edit: it’s now to the point any real download I put on it causes the wifi to turn off and back on making it un useable.

I also keep seeing this in the log. repeating.

ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): tmp.radio1: link is not ready

Does this only happen in 3.105, not before upgrading?

I have 3.105 on Mudi and it works fine. Do you have repeater configured?

This only happens on 3.105 not on the other firmwares. And no I don’t have repeater configured.

So no one knows? If not how can i revert the firmware without a ethernet port?

You can just upload the old firmware to Mudi, do no reserve settings.

I did. The new firmwares works out with issue. It was a odd problem.