E750 - no internet after returning from standby mode

Went into standby mode from lte internet, when i turn off standby mode, the wifi has no internet connection

had to reboot to get back the internet


Same thing. No internet but I can log into the E750 website

Can you post the log? It should connect.

well, turns out,

the internet resumes a few minutes after coming out of standby mode, probably the time required for services to start up. I have adjusted my expections accordingly.

edit: mixed results, sometimes reboot still needed

Send system logs to @alzhao because as he said it seems like there might be a bug or a crash somewhere stopping the restarts.

How do I get the system log?

You can use


to print out all log messages

do i need to use putty ssh or something ?

Yeah you want to run that command in an ssh session. You can follow the guide here if you are not familiar: