E750 usb c melting

Using usb AC power block to usb c on 750 im noticing the plastic around the usb c connector is melting. The plastic center of the connector is also showing signs of deforming from heat.

Why is this happening?
What can be done to fix this? Im assuming i need a replacement?
This must be left unattended. So even with replacement how can this burning be prevented?

Just get an replacement.

Also E750 is not supposed to be always plugged.

Can you recommend a router for unattended always on use for connecting security cameras and sensor network from my home to the cloud? My home is a converted motorhome setup for off grid living.


as you write off grid living, maybe see this comment:

Could you show your motorhome btw? Sounds interesting :slight_smile:

If you mean a router with battery, please choose XE300 which only have 2.4G wifi. But the battery charing is optimized so that it can be always plugged.

For other routers that does not have battery, they can always be charged.