E750: usb-c to ethernet adapter?

Does anyone know if usb-c port can be used with a usb to ethernet adapter for the Mudi E750? I try to keep my travel kit small so wouldn’t bring the port replicator in favor of another usb-c multiport adapter, but the adapters I’ve tried so far don’t seem to register with the router—I’ve tried one from Anker with a Realtek 8153 chipset, having installed the kmod-usb-net-rtl8152 module, and another from satachi.

No. The LAN expansion on the Mudi is semi propietary as it does not follow the USB-C spec. Think of the USB-C port as just a standard micro usb but in the USB-C form factor, with some of the USB-C pins being used for the LAN expansion. There is no data flowing in the connector so it can’t communicate with external USB-C devices. It also does not have USB-C PD support, just 5V 2A.

You can only use the USB-A port to connect external devices, as with other GL routers.

Thanks for the info! Good to know. Does this mean we should avoid using PD-capable chargers or will the Mudi negotiate the power requirements appropriately?

It works fine, Mudi will just report as a legacy device to USB-C, standard 5V and 2.4A max.

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Hi There
I’m trying to use the E750 mundi ethernet replicator with another usb-c – usb-c cable than the one provided by the bundle.
I have so many usbc – usbc cables that i decided to travel without the provided one.
I’m trying to set up a lan ethernet client but I see no other explanation why it is not working for me

Any help appreciated
Than you

If you are using Windows, does Settings or Control Panel detect the GL-E750 connection?

Some USB-C cables don’t work with the ethernet replicator. I have been without mine for a few weeks since I lost the cable. I just tried out this one https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08X2HRYKC and I am using the ethernet replicator as I am writing this post. I opted for this cable since it said it was rated at 100W so I figured there was enough copper in the wires to send the ethernet signal. I guess I was right.